Our international payroll service for your new employees abroad

For companies that want to hire employees in a new country but do not want to go through the hassle of setting up a new office or learning all the laws of the new country, International Payroll Services offers a global platform to hire employees through our partners.

Mitarbeiter-Innen in einem anderen Land einstellen

Minimum effort for maximum success

We take care of local legislation, legally compliant contracts and everything that is necessary with hiring abroad. The employee is hired by our partner and deployed to you. You then manage him or her like a normal employee, except that he or she is not directly on your payroll. This is because he or she is hired in the country he is located by a local company. This transforms the complexity of international payrolls into a simple monthly invoice issued by a German company. Thus, you can hire international employees with a minimum of effort.

Employment in almost all countries of the world

We can support you with this service in many countries, be it Israel, Thailand, the United Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, USA, Canada, Indonesia or even in “simpler” countries such as England, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Your advantages by using the services of IPS

  • It is the quickest and easiest way for you to hire employees abroad
  • There is no need to set up a branch or subsidiary immediately, nor to bother with tax advisors, lawyers, etc.
  • As a legal employer, our local partners have a strong interest in working in accordance with the law and, even in the event of a separation from an employee, in settling this as cheaply and promptly as possible.
  • You can test new markets with minimal upfront investment

Immediate support if you

  • need to hire someone abroad immediately
  • want to explore foreign markets before committing to a subsidiary or branch with office and infrastructure
  • want a market presence that involves little risk and predictable costs
  • want to enter a new market quickly and efficiently

Payroll Service Provider

If everything works smoothly, you can also take the employee onto your own payroll with our help in a second step!

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