What IPS International Payroll Services can do for you

international Mitarbeiter und Mitarbeiterinnen einstellen

With IPS
you can recruit internationally
without having to set up
a branch or subsidiary.

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Gloabler Payroll Services in über 120 Ländern

International Payroll Services is active in over 120 countries. Together with our local partners, we design customised solutions for your international expansion.

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How does it work?

Have you decided on a candidate? Then there are two options. We place your new employee on the payroll of one of our local international service partners. This ensures that all local laws and rules regarding taxes and social security contributions are correctly applied and followed. The candidate is then deployed to you and works exclusively for you – fully integrated into the day-to-day business and operational processes. Depending on national circumstances, we can alternatively register you as an employer without creating a branch or subsidiary. This allows us to prepare the payrolls accordingly. We will clarify for you whether this possibility also exists in your target country. Just get in touch with us!

How difficult is it?

You provide us with the key data – we take care of the rest. You save yourself the enormous administrative burden of foreign payrolls or subsidiaries, because we take care of this for you, professionally and competently. We take care of all the legal and tax issues, make sure the details are right and all the laws for hiring are followed. You can sit back while we make sure everything goes smoothly. In the meantime, your new employee can focus fully and without distraction on fulfilling your company’s goals abroad. What would otherwise take months can be done for you in a matter of days with International Payroll Services!

We can help. Quickly and without complications!

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Hiring employees abroad or
seconding skilled workers on official business

Two scenarios that you can map out with IPS

You have decided who will work for you in which country? Perfect! With us as your Professional Employer Organisation (PEO), you can now simply delegate the complex personnel administration of the new international team member to us.

You’ve found someone abroad you want to hire, but you don’t have a permanent establishment and no way of hiring in that country. Now you are looking for a way to onboard this person without much effort, to handle the payroll and to pay the social security contributions. As an international payroll service provider, we can offer this in over 120 countries.

Es steht fest, wer in welchem Land für Sie tätig sein soll? Perfekt! Als Professional Employer Organization (PEO) können Sie nun die komplexe Personalverwaltung des neuen internationalen Teammitglieds einfach an uns delegieren.

Are you planning an international employee assignment? The legal requirements are currently growing steadily. With our International Payroll Services, you can ensure that your HR department as well as the seconded staff are well taken care of and can start their expansion smoothly!

You want to send an existing employee abroad. This employee will then work in the respective country for a certain period of time before returning to their home country. However, despite the assignment abroad, social security contributions should continue to be paid in their home country.

Sie planen einen internationalen Mitarbeitereinsatz? Die gesetzlichen Anforderungen wachsen derzeit stetig. Mit unseren International Payroll Services sorgen Sie dafür, dass Ihre HR-Abteilung ebenso wie das entsendete Personal reibungslos in die Expansion starten!

Your ideal partner for
international payroll services

As a Professional Employer Organisation (PEO), we specialise in handling the labour law and accounting requirements of payroll for you in more than 120 countries. We have our own offices in numerous countries and also cooperate with an established network of experts. This means that we can help you with the employment of foreign workers in your target country or with the employment of your staff abroad competently, quickly and reliably.

Reduce the effort and costs of international payroll

You can easily transfer the bureaucratic hurdles of a foreign payroll to us. You exchange the hassle of international payroll into a simple monthly invoice with us as your Employer of Record. By outsourcing these services, you also keep your costs under control.

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Well Prepared for all Situations

We can hire your employees in more than 120 countries – in compliance with all applicable regulations. Take a look at our country overview. With International Payroll Services, we also offer simple, fast and legally compliant solutions for major challenges.

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Exciting, but complex:
Working abroad

Working abroad and acquiring intercultural competence is an exciting enrichment for your CV as well as your personal life. However, the respective national regulations and laws for employees are complex and not easy for an outsider to understand. With our services, you can start your foreign assignment with complete security!

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Seconding employees in a legally compliant fashion

The posting of an employee occurs when an employee carries out his or her work for the company in another country at the request of his or her employer. This has consequences for the labour law and tax law, for example regarding questions of social security, which must be carefully examined and handled.

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In addition to the option of us (or one of our partners) employing your staff, there is another option in some countries: via a virtual company you can add staff to your payroll abroad, without having to set up a branch office or permanent establishment.

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