Practices and labor law principles differ from country to country. With the country information we have compiled for you here, you already have a decision-making tool for your further steps. If you would like to know more about the requirements and solutions for hiring employees or our global and international payroll service, simply contact us.

Here is an excerpt of the countries we serve – but we serve many more:

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Payroll – What is behind this term?

Welcome to IPS – the international payroll specialist! IPS by HRsolution is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) and enables you to handle your international payroll services in an uncomplicated, secure and fast way, in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations in each country you want to expand to.

You probably typed something like “payroll services abroad” or “international payroll services” into the search engine to discover the company IPS by HRsolution. In fact, like many other English buzzwords in the business world, the term “payroll” is often used in English. For example, a payroll clerk is now also called a “Payroll Specialist” or “Payroll Manager”. The payroll department or team has become the payroll accounting department or even simply “Payroll”, short and crisp!

Payroll encompasses several meanings that are relevant to your finance and HR departments. Payroll today does not only refer to paying out the respective salaries of employees, it encompasses additional benefits such as health insurance, pensions, stock options, company cars and bonus payments. It also stands for the total amount that a company spends on salary payments. At the same time, Payroll stands for the entire process associated with payroll: time recording, managing the personnel file, or even paying taxes and social security contributions. And finally, Payroll is also the final acknowledgement for employees with the salary statement that they are sure to hold in their hands or receive electronically at the end of the month.

We have compiled some information for you on the challenges that arise in international payroll and the options available for efficient and secure handling of payroll processes abroad.

Many countries – only one invoice with our global payroll service

As a company with (planned) business activities in several countries, you are faced with the question of how to strategically approach international payroll as part of your business and how to handle the processes in the best possible way. With an international payroll service specialist such as HRsolution International GmbH or IPS you can turn your worldwide payroll into a simple monthly invoice and save a lot of time and effort, while complying with all laws. You will benefit from a network of experts in many locations around the world as well as from our team that quickly finds answers to all questions of legal conformity and compliance with global and local expertise. With our international payroll service, you have a reliable partner at your side, worldwide.

We will provide you with all the information and data you need to make a decision on the handling of your international payroll that is in line with your corporate strategy. No matter how complex your requirements or the size of your company. Also consider that with global payroll services you are always up to date and on the safe side with regard to the law, because every year thousands of changes in compliance guidelines are issued worldwide, which need to be taken into account in all processes.

Reduce complexity with international payroll services

We reduce this legal and operational complexity to a monthly invoice. Backed by a global infrastructure with local offices in many locations and partners in over 120 countries, we take care of all payroll issues for your international team, from the preparation and timely processing of payroll, benefits, taxes, to compliance with all current compliance regulations. You can rely on our HR Payroll specialists and experts to provide fast and reliable support for all challenges big and small. It’s the efficient support of a PEO (Professional Employer Organization) that saves you a lot of time and nerves, and frees your mind to focus entirely on achieving your business goals.

Global payroll challenges

Manage payment methods

Managing salary transfers and using the appropriate payment methods requires know-how about local legal requirements. In some countries, for example, employees may require payment by check. So it is necessary to check which payment methods are allowed in each country. Having multiple payroll methods in Payroll Accounting can also take a lot of time, become expensive, and increase the susceptibility to errors in the processes.

Accounting for vacation and absence correctly

Accounting for employee vacation and absence is a critical issue in Payroll Services. The system must automatically account for the impact of employee leave and absence in payroll. Since many companies require the HR team to manually manage these absences, there is a lot of room for human error here, which takes a lot of time to correct.

Handling international salary levels

When you have employees in multiple countries, multinational companies need to reconcile the ranges between salary levels in different countries with corporate compliance.

Compliance in international payroll

When running payroll in multiple international locations, it is important to keep in mind that different payroll requirements apply depending on the country in terms of law and regulations. This includes:

IPS Payroll Service ensures correct calculation of income tax to be withheld.

Employers are responsible for ensuring that the correct amount of tax is withheld and submitted to the tax authorities in each country in which they operate. A related issue is whether the presence of employees in a country means the establishment of a permanent establishment in that location. Tax problems arise when the parent company may inadvertently bring about a situation that qualifies as a permanent establishment. Profits are, in principle, taxable where the company has its registered office, even if the company operates internationally. However, an exception is made to these tax law principles in the case of the existence of a permanent establishment abroad. In this case, the state in which the permanent establishment is located has the right of taxation with respect to the profits of the permanent establishment. The existence of a permanent establishment can thus be of considerable importance for the tax burden of a company.

Withholding or deduction of contributions and social security contributions

This means paying the correct amounts applicable in the respective country for employee benefits such as the health insurance contribution and pension contributions.

Compliance with all applicable data protection regulations

Each employee’s payroll contains personal data protected by data protection laws, for example, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for the EU, the Chinese Civil Code for employees based in China, or the California Consumer Protection Act for customers based in California. Your payroll service is required by law to protect this information from unauthorized processing or disclosure using appropriate systems.

Options for efficient handling of your international payroll

If you already operate internationally in several locations, it may be worthwhile to handle the payroll for these countries and all related processes in just one central location – a possible compromise between a country-focused, consistently decentralized payroll management and a fully centralized organization of your teams’ international payroll.

Alternatively, you can outsource your international payroll to a third-party, outsourced partner – with business process outsourcing (BPO, a special form of outsourcing that outsources entire business processes).

Another solution that saves you a lot of effort, time and money while ensuring security and transparency for the salary payments of your international employees is to hire a global PEO (professional employer organization). The PEO – also known as Employer of Record (EOR) becomes the legal employer of the workforce at your respective international locations. The employees receive their tasks and responsibilities from the company as usual; the only difference is that the PEO (Professional Employer Organization) also assumes the employer’s legal payroll obligations and is, of course, responsible for all payroll and benefits processes.


It is a major challenge for companies operating internationally to integrate payroll from different countries and to take local differences and (tax) legal requirements fully into account, both for existing teams and for new positions to be filled abroad. Some of the difficulties arise from existing operational procedures: managing different payment methods and currencies, correcting errors immediately, dealing with absences and leave of new or existing employees, integrating software systems, and accounting for local variations in international business. Possible compliance risks as well as adherence to tax and pension obligations and data protection guidelines are also a challenge.

IPS by HRsolution supports companies as a reliable partner for international payroll accounting with various options. For example, we can take over the complete outsourcing of your payroll in a specific country and at specific locations, but equally act for you as a global platform (as PEO) for internationally distributed teams or employees, thus avoiding the establishment of a permanent establishment abroad. By the way, we also support you in recruiting for new positions to be filled while building up your planned team abroad. Please feel free to call us for any further information regarding your specific request!

Choosing the right organization for international payroll is one of the most important strategic decisions for successful multinational companies. HRsolution International AG’s team of experts will be happy to share their expertise so that you can make the strategically right decision for the safe expansion of your international business based on a no-obligation consultation.


What does Payroll mean?

Payroll encompasses several meanings. First of all, it is a list of all employees with their respective salaries, possible additional benefits such as company cars or capital-forming benefits and bonus payments. In addition, the payroll is the total amount that a company spends on its salary payments. Payroll also stands for the entire process related to payroll: the time recording, the management of the personnel file or even the payment of taxes and social security contributions. Last but not least, it also stands for the payslip that employees receive at the end of the month.

What is Payroll Service?

As an outsourced partner, a provider of payroll services takes over payroll accounting and is responsible for meeting deadlines for tax payments and social security contributions. This outsourced organization also handles verification and compliance with applicable collective bargaining regulations. Labor law, payroll tax law and social security law are among the areas of expertise of a payroll service. The day-to-day operations and management of new or existing employees, on the other hand, remain the responsibility of the client company.

An international payroll service can provide these services internationally – in the case of IPS in over 120 countries – safely and reliably.

What is a Payroll Manager?

A Payroll Manager is in charge of payroll administration and acts as a kind of hub between the Human Resources department (the HR specialist mainly takes care of personnel development, recruitment and organization), accounting, social security and supplementary insurance providers. He or she prepares and administers payrolls, corresponds with health insurance funds, social insurance carriers and employers’ liability insurance associations, accompanies payroll tax and social insurance audits, prepares reporting and reports for the HR department, reviews collective bargaining regulations and supports accounting.

What is a payroll?

Payroll records which employees are employed by a company and how they are paid. The term “pay” has a broad meaning, as it includes financial and tax-related tasks and so-called non-cash benefits, as well as ancillary wage costs and social security contributions. Payroll in a company can be handled by an internal department, but in recent years it has increasingly been outsourced to external service providers such as a PEO (Professional Employer Organization), especially when new team members or existing employees are deployed abroad.

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