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This is what our virtual companies offer

Besides the possibility of us (or one of our partners) hiring your employee directly, there is another option in some countries: registering as a foreign employer. This option allows us to register our client accordingly without creating a permanent establishment. It does, however, allow us to pay social security contributions and withholding taxes without the need for time-consuming bookkeeping, financial statements or taxes.

Our Virtual Organisations

More than just a representative office – hiring employees without a branch office or permanent establishment.

The most important and most frequently used benefits of our virtual companies include:

  • the possibility to hire and payroll your employee per local laws in another country
  • the ability to hire your employees directly without a third-party having to be involved
  • avoiding a permanent establishment in the target country.



How does this work?

  • We register your company as a foreign employer in the respective country, both with the tax authorities and with the social security authorities. This means that the employee is on your payroll but works abroad.
  • HRsolution International GmbH is a company specializing in this service and complies with the labor regulations and laws in the target country.
  • Payroll services, salaries, social security contributions as well as local HR advice are provided by our company, which makes us a powerful cooperation partner.

Advantages for the employer

With the virtual company, your new team member can be hired promptly and without much effort as you do not need to open and operate a permanent establishment in the new country.

This point is particularly interesting for companies that want to open up a new market without having to open their own branch in the target country and thus avoid the associated financial and bureaucratic burdens and risks.


All benefits at a glance

  • No legal entity required in the target country
  • Cost-effective solution for seconding employees
  • No unexpected bureaucratic hurdles
  • immediate employment possible
  • no obligation to keep accounts and annual financial statements
  • high degree of flexibility

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You will receive your tax number and we will arrange all social security payments for you. You don’t need to worry about taxes and annual accounting either! A virtual company therefore offers many advantages.

What else to consider

No matter whether you would like to employ your staff abroad for a limited period of time or permanently: With your input we put together a unique, flexible solution best tailored to your wishes.

However, there are a few important aspects to consider. As the employee abroad is a “representative”, he or she should not be given signature powers and should not be registered as a partner or in the commercial register. These points could lead to the employee and the location quickly being seen as an existing permanent establishment. You should also not rent an office or maintain a warehouse, as this may lead to classification as a permanent establishment. However, if some basic rules are followed, a virtual company can be used for foreign payroll purposes without the risk of creating an unintended permanent establishment.

Virtuelle Unternehmen bieten Vorteile

Virtual companies also offer advantages for employees

The employee is not employed by a third party (usually a local staffing agency) but receives the employment contract directly with his/her company. With this solution, a company email or company business card for example can be used without any problems.

Consolidation of international payrolls

Do you employ staff in several countries and do you find the administration and continual compliance with different labour law issues too complex and burdensome? We consolidate everything for you and reduce your administrative burden.

Konsolidierung ausländischer Gehaltsabrechnungen

What happens next?

After agreeing on the services you need and with your “go”, we take care of registering your company and the hiring and managing of your employees in your target country. We can also take care of the payment transactions for you, so that in the end you only have to pay one invoice and we take care of the rest.

We will be happy to advise you on all questions regarding the extensive services of our virtual organizations. In a personal call, we can put together a unique solution tailored to your needs as well as give you references from our existing well-known customers.

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